Films About Love... Your Love

Out of all of the people in the world, you choose to be with one. And that person chooses to be with you. At Oak 9 we find this fascinating, miraculous, and worth documenting. Wedding films done right are about much more than cake, dresses, and flowers.

We believe in creating wedding films that do more than just document one day – We believe in creating wedding films that encapsulate the important, the crazy, the happy, and the sad... the reasons why you decided to have such a big day in the first place!

Featured Wedding Films

Highlight Collection

The Highlight Collection is the ‘base model’ of all of our packages. It includes a 4-5 minute wedding film with a unique soundtrack that really captures the spirit of the day! It also includes a 1 minute teaser video that is perfect to share on social media, thanking everyone for coming and making your day special! There will be two filmmakers covering your entire day. 4K Video from YOUR DAY will be delivered via a custom flash drive and case.

Featurette Collection

The Featurette Collection includes all of the same great elements of the Highlight Collection, but your wedding film will be around 7-8 minutes - giving more time to experience and relive the blur that is your wedding day!

As our schedule fills up for the 2024 season, we are excited to work with couples who care about capturing more than just the details of their wedding day. We are looking for fiancés who aren’t afraid to be themselves, laugh a little, and let us capture the heart of their relationship.

Want to see if we’re available for your wedding day? Curious about our pricing? We can’t wait to hear from you! Fill out our contact form below, and we’ll get back to you ASAP!